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Welcome to the Russian Language WikiEdit

A collection of Russian vocabulary words/cases, and, well, anything Russian - Music, Movies, Literature.

This is, essentially, an index of everything we've been going through on this subreddit - new daily vocab/lessons/etc. Due to the system that Reddit uses(up/downvotes), it makes it difficult to archive our progress, so here it is - a place to gather everything we've done so far.

This wiki is meant as a resource for anyone following the lessons/vocab there... and anyone trying to learn the language. I will initially not be posting the 'lessons' on here. I highly reccomend you use the two in conjunction with each other. In order to join the process of creating these article and discuss them with others of us go here :).





Cases - Падежи́Edit

Nominative - Именительный

Genitive - Родительный

Prepositional - Предложный

Accusative - Винительный




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    New page: The verb "to go" is the hardest verb in the Russian language. Translation Править Идти Править All forms (not finished): идти, идёт, идёте, идём,...
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    New page: There are 6 cases in the Russian language. Cases Править Case Translate Questions Endings Examples Nominative Именительный кто? что? who? what?...
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